Greenbatch is working towards building Western Australia's first plastic recycling facility. That's right: there are currently no plastic recycling facilities in WA. Every time you put a plastic bottle into the recycling bin, it is sold to the global waste market and shipped overseas (yes, there is such a thing!).

But we can't do this on our own.
We need your help to end plastic waste pollution!

Greenbatch schools recyling program.jpg

Greenbatch Foundation partners with schools allowing students to collect their old PET plastic bottles through recycling and repurposing it into 3D printer filament. By recycling through Greenbatch we can save plastic from entering landfills, oceans and waste incinerators. Find out more about our growing schools program here.

Thank you

to everyone who supported Greenbatch in the Rising Stars People's Choice Award! You were a part of something big. You supported the establishment of WA’s first plastic reprocessing initiative. This will reduce WA’s environmental footprint and prevent millions of plastic bottles ending up in our oceans, landfills, and waste incinerators. Find out more about what we did here.