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Greenbatch School recycling program

Are we coming to a school near you in 2019?

GreenBatch is looking to partner with schools around Western Australia to give waste plastic a new life by reprocessing plastic bottles into 3D printer filaments. 

70% of high schools already have 3D printers. GreenBatch Schools Recycling Program will feed their 3D printers with filament which was once waste plastic. This puts the power of recycling into the hands of schools and their students. To do this we will install plastic collection points in 50 pilot schools across WA and provide recycling education. Our team will pick up the waste plastic collected by the students and bring it back to our factory, turning it into 3D printer filament. This is then given back to the schools to be used in student’s projects. Underpinning this program is WA’s brand new adoption of the 10c Container Deposit Scheme which is being rolled out soon. This exciting advancement for Western Australia will ensure we can run this program sustainably into the future.  


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The Process:

GreenBatch picks up the school collection bins and removes any labels, lids and rings from the bottles to prevent contamination. The bottles are then washed, shredded and melted down into pellets which can be used just like virgin plastic in any standard plastic manufacturing machinery. GreenBatch further processes the pellets into long strands of 3D printer filament. The filament is made in many different colours and can be used in 3D printers to make almost anything you can imagine! 


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