Five bits of plastic you can stop wasting right now

1.  Straws
Straws are commonly found in the ocean and even in marine animals, like turtles, who accidentally ingest the straws or think they are food. Much of single use plastic is just for convenience, do you really need a straw? If you don’t, you can invest in a reusable straw.


2. Plastic bags
Australia uses 6.9 billion plastic bags a year, when you can easily keep reusable bags at home or even in your car to bring when you’re shopping. Queensland has recently banned single use plastic bags and South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory have already banned them. A brand called Onya sells reusable shopping and produce bags with free shipping to Australia and stockists in the Perth area. 

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3. Bottled water
Every minute, the equivalent of four TransPerth buses full of plastic bottles go into the ocean or landfills – never to be used again. Over 98% of waste PET plastic in Western Australia does not get recycled. Bring a durable glass or stainless steel water bottle with you everywhere, not only saving plastic use but also reminding you to keep hydrated. 


4. Take away coffee cups
Disposable coffee cups have a plastic liner which is not biodegradable and cannot be recycled, even if it is put it in the recycling bin... KeepCups are a trend that has taken coffee lovers by storm. Not only do you feel great saving the waste of two pieces of plastic, but some coffee shops in Perth give discounted coffee to customers using their own reusable cups! 

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5. Take away containers
Although this may seem like more of an extra effort than water bottles or shopping bags, plastic containers are worth ditching as well. Most of the plastic used, contains chemicals that affect our bodies, and, just like the others, are extremely difficult and slow to biodegrade. Using reusable glass or stainless steel containers are better for you and your food, and are easy to keep in the kitchen or your lunchbox. Most cafes wouldn’t mind if you ask for your takeaway toastie to be put in your own container rather than their disposable ones.